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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Woot! Plant vase for plant

Actually it is a plant shaped vase,of course for plant! We almost seen usual shape such as round, box, cylinder and so on. Here we state several of example of innovative plant shaped vase. You will find the vases are in flower, grass, branch, root shape… and those vase brings you with the nature feeling even without flower inside.. So, choose one now!

1) Grass vase
Have a look at this beautiful ceramic “Grass” vase. Grass is crafted by design duo Claydies, in thier words: “Grass has a very na├»ve ceramic expression that is both uplifting and amusing”.

2) Onion vase
 Stretching the limits between natural and artificial objects in order to raise the question where does the vase end and the flower start? Combining mass production with a one of a kind product in order to create a difference between the vases, similar to nature.

3) Leaf vase
4) Bouquet

Individually slip-cast porcelain branches tied up together to create a sculptural free-form vase.

5)  Ed Branson Cloaked Vases

From a renovated apple barn in Massachusetts, glass artist Ed Branson creates distinctive masterpieces of color and shape. He strives to “freeze the movement of glass in a natural, beautiful form” and he has succeeded with these vases. Combining graceful fluidity with brightly hued organic shapes, his Cloaked Vases capture and hold the eye. Available in a variety of rich colors, these stunning pieces would add a dramatic touch of modernism to any room.

6) Root vase

Designed by Human Touch, Thailand. The vase is created to resemble the roots of plants.
7)  Nekko Bud Vase
Nekko Bud Vase, is made of a plastic, that looks and feels like ceramic, but is more durable. Nekko Bud Vase is formed in shape of a root in 3D, a unique vessel for a cut flower; “representing a peaceful lifestyle where flowers bloom nearby”.
8)  Branch Vase
A bud vase for holding 2 small flowers, inspired by the shape of a tree branch multiple vases can be placed together to create overlap and interaction bouquet
9) Spiral Bud Vase – Bowl
Maekawa began experimenting with the Spiral Bud Vase in 2005. Having settled on the Bowl and Apple shapes, each bud vase showcases a single stem with minimalist elegance.

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