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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Woot! Cool Chess Set

The game of chess takes cunning and intelligence and can sometimes be incredibly intense. But your standard Chess Set just doesn’t reflect the same intensity. If you prefer to play on a board that’s as mighty as your chess maneuvers then check out these Cool Chess Sets.

Get a new perspective on the game of chess with the 3D chessboard. It features your standard pieces, but throws in a twist via a unique checkerboard with raised terrain that really makes you appreciate the perilous climb to victory.

There’s something almost eerie about the Glowing Onyx Chess Table. The table is backlit with a soft glow through translucent onyx creating a hazy checkerboard pattern on the table. To really add to the effect the pieces are glass allowing the light to pass through them as well.

Flat doesn’t have to mean boring with the stylish planar pieces of the Chess Set 4000-FM. The pieces are made from soft calfskin leather and the board of pear-tree. Distinctly designed, the pieces slide into the board, firmly holding their place as you make each calculated move.

Inspired by the chemical elements of carbon molecules, this cool futuristic looking chess set features peices made from the five platonic solids, except for the queen which is made from a spherical fullerenes or buckyball. We have no clue what any of that scientific jargon means but we do know that the Platonic Chess set is damn cool looking.

Inspired by our favorite mad scientist Nikola Tesla, this chess set features spooky Tesla coil-esque pieces encased in glass. The set is made from wood, glass and working electrical components that would have fit right in among any of Tesla’s incredible experiments. Each piece lights up when plugged into the board and of course turns off upon removal.

Everyone knows that Pirates are better than Ninjas. Or was that the other way around? Either way you wouldn’t want to cross one of these fierce warriors in a dark alley. Maybe a nice game of chess would be better. Each pieces is hand painted and awesome.
When we say this chess set is an authentic Rolling Stone Chess Set, we don’t mean official, we mean it’s ACTUALLY made of Rolling Stone magazine covers. The surface of the Rolling Stone Chess Board features tons of Rolling Stone covers, making this The perfect chess set for a fan of the magazine. Even the pieces are hand made from actual Rolling Stone magazine covers as well. The board features compartments for storing the pieces and a hard gloss finish to protect it.

We could think of no material grittier or more masculine to use for a chess set than used auto parts and scrap metal. The set includes silver and black left over bits repurposed as a car enthusiast’s dream chess set. The queen features screws, cogs and bearings, the bishops come from sparkplugs and rooks are crafted from cogwheels. Each piece flaunts its own signs of wear and tear and personal imperfections you’d expect from used car parts.

Psst...i think you need this when playing chess. Dont spill your drink!


sha said...

I was wrong..i thought the chess players are not creative..

anyway..nice template huh..

MAI said...

hi sha...thanks,so glad u r here!

Anonymous said...

kena blaja main chess ni..

suri said...

ha camni le baru ada org dtg nk komen hee..

mesti mahal kans..rasana beribu harga nih

MAI said...

Hi suri!

Thanks so much..lau suri x tgur mai pn xtau de mslh nk publish comment kt cni...thanks sgt tau..

Yup,hrga die mmg mhl bangat...ada satu 2 hrga die USD13,000.....erm....tobat..

Joe said...


Nice 3D chessboard, you can collect updated new chess set from any sports shop, try to enjoy it with friends and family members. It will exercise your mind. Thanks a lot.

Folding Chess Set

wandisini said...

nice set of chess.


aku suka yang 1st :)

Esmeralda Tabarez said...

Whoa, those are amazing! The 3D chess board just blew my mind. My favorite chess sets are the ones modeled after movies or epic novels. The “Lord Of The Rings” and “Harry Potter” ones are classics. I’d love to see an Avengers- or Marvel Comics-inspired chess set one day!

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