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Friday, April 22, 2011

Make fun of Bar Code Part 2

A bar code (also barcode) is an optical machine-readable representation of data. Practically every item purchased from a grocery store, department store, and mass merchandiser has a UPC barcode on it. I have talked about it at previous entry - make fun of barcode

Kristina Cancelmi has designed incredible illustrations that really bring the issue of human trafficking to light. This campaign illustrates the unfortunate treatment of victims involved in human trafficking as a number or profit, rather than fellow human beings.

Using the imagery of bar codes with weeping kids and women embedded, the message is powerful and hard-hitting. The illustrations include the estimated number of people, mainly women and children, trafficked into America, how many American children are at risk of being sold into the sex industry and how many women and children are trafficked worldwide. What a stunning and meaningful creation! [source]

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1 comment:

Al-Fikr said...

hahaha....nice design. just how a plain bar code can be nice and attractive. XO

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