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Friday, August 26, 2011

Vegie Faces!

Who doesn’t love fresh food and intriguing art? Check below fun food sculptures created by Photographer Carl Kleiner who brought us these delicious and adorable character made of food! Kleiner photographed them on pastel-colored backgrounds to truly make them pop; and the lighthearted theme is doubly reinforced. His colors and clever assemblages just made my day! Hence I would like to share with you and hope you enjoy too. [source]

Sand Sculptures!

Still remembered when you were a little child, tried to make your own castle on beach? There are a group of people who still loved to play with sand even they are already grown-ups. The works presented in this post were from the annual World Championship of Sand Sculpting, created by 60 fun-loving artists from 17 countries.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Typographic Poster Design

Typography is the ultimate form of science meeting art. Space, size, type treatment/effects, contrast, color selection – and much more – go into every piece of design that involves the use of type. Typography is so much popular artwork in these days, you can see lots of typographic designs in various prints. Today we are showcasing some Breathtaking and Creative Typographic Poster Designs which will make you say wow....!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Potraits on BANANA skin =)

Created by Australian artist Jun Gil Park who definitely has some unique talent of carving drawings into bananas! Basically, he bruised the banana by scratching it with the toothpick. The harder you press/scratch, the darker the bruise becomes. You have to wait for about five minutes for it to really start showing. After a day or two, the lines become very very dark. Too bad these types of drawing can’t stay longer. But it is really creative to make drawing like this. [source]

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beautiful Flooring Design

There are so many choice like wooden floors, colorful tiles, poured terrazzo flooring, hand painted wooden floors, porcelain tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, even leather tiles can adorn your living spaces. Choose the best style and color for your home and try to have fun with each room’s interior design. And feel free to share us your creative flooring design.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tropical Island Paradise~

Do you ever dreamed of exploring the surrounding world in your own boat? This fascinating tropical island yacht project is a dream come true for its designers, the UK based yacht design company Yacht Island Designs. Even though right now, it is still a concept. The brief for this dreaming yacht is to create an idyllic, floating island, with all the features of a tropical island getaway built into the design.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cool Bookmarks!

Terminix Magazine Bookmark: This clever bookmark comes from the magazine advertisement of 'Terminix'.

Note Bookmarks: Bookmarks in the shape of petals from a flower by Hana Fusen.

Creepy Wall Decal Design!

Today, i will present you with some weird, creepy yet cool wall decals. If you want something special at your home, then they are definitely one of those choices. Look at that man behind the gate! I will certainly freak out if I found something like that in the bathroom..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Animal Sculptures made of tyres

These Stunning Animal Sculptures are created by Korean artist Yong Ho Ji with layers of used tire strips bound together by synthetic resins on supporting frames of steel, wood, or Styrofoam. Having grown up at the base of a large mountain in Korea, Ji adopted tires as his signature material based on a childhood memory of the spare wheel on his family’s jeep, vital in the rural landscape where his grandmother raised cattle and other livestock. This early exposure to both domesticated and wild animals informed his desire to make art about humanity’s responsibility to nature, via subject matter as well as recycled materials.

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