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Friday, March 2, 2012

Incredible Food Carving!

This incredible collection of food carvings, created by UK based artist Ilian Iliev, features an impressive display of delectable art. Ilian is a food photographer from Manchester who’s spent over 10 years mastering the art of food and drink. Iliev’s creative displays are demonstrated though original carvings on various fruits and vegetables. [link]

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Paper Fox by Jeremy Kool

Jeremy Kool is a designer and 3D animator based in Melbourne, Australia. He’s just started a new project with the working title of “The paper fox“, where he provides a whole universe of characters and landscapes similar to traditional illustration and origami. Animals and decorative elements are created in digitally but constructed in such a way as to look as if they’ve been created by paper. The world is so interesting. Some people want to make their paper craft realistic, and some people want to make their digital work paper-like. But anyway we are lucky to have those different artists who present us with various visual enjoyment. [source]

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