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Friday, October 29, 2010

Woot! Creative Doorstops

These creative little tube-shaped doorstops hold doors firmly in place. 
This piece of cheese will just sit there holding your door open.
The cool looking elephant trunk doorstops from Japan would make anyone's day brighter.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Woot! Handmade Flower Ring

In this post, I will show you how to make a lovely flower ring step by step. OK, I admit… It is not as easy to make it as shown on the images. you need to be dexterous, patient and detailed.
(it is definitely not me…lol)
But it is still an enjoyment to see the creation of such pretty ring.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woot! Cheese Sculpture....yummy!!!!

A talented woman is causing a stink in the art world with edible sculptures made from cheese. Sarah Kaufmann is proudly known as The Cheese Lady thanks to her ability to carve tasty works from mild cheddar. She does and supplies cheese masterpieces for events ranging from children’s parties…to hotel openings..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Woot! Modern Table Which Can Transform!

Still remember my last post about fruit can transform? If u still blur u can click here.
Now i wanna talk about this 'transformer' topic again because they really impressed me. I like the idea of this topic because it's so amazing, the author has a brain that is very intelligent and creative. As one of those popular furniture at home, I have been seeing lots of creative designs of table. Today, new materials and design methods are injecting further creativity into modern tables – but are they having an identity crisis? These 16  modern table designs look like they are eager to transform. 

Modern Table Design ~ Rotating squares table from Tom Cecil [link]
Rotating squares table is an really impressive design, which is an uxetic modern table based on the rotating squares method. It is made from birch plywood. The table can be opened up to 1.4 times its size (Closed dimensions 600 mm x 600 mm x 320 mm, open dimensions 848 mm x 848 mm x 320 mm).
With this modern table, It looks like we have an transformer table at home now.

Modern Table Design ~ Stacking Nesting Table [link]
 An expandable nesting table. The smaller tables which are contained in the bigger ones can work as additional surface, trays, drawers or stands to form a high table. Hurm...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Woot! Modern Plate Design

I know, eating is fun! And I like to eat very much even im not hungry..(yay!) But here I will show you some creative ideas that will make you always feel hungry,...this is not as usual as you have seen,but new idea and modern plate design from all over the world...(cewah!)

Modern Plate Design ~ Lily Plate
These handcrafted ceramic Lily plates will make a great addition to your wall or tabletop.

 Modern Plate Design ~ Handful of Plate
Creative ceramic plates that are folded like a taco shell. The way they are curved allows you to keep the plate in one hand while eating the food with the other one

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Woot! Fruit Transformer!

Due to the bad weather and my non-stop coughing… I stuck at the home whole day. 
And luckily, I find these adorable food transformer created by Flickr user 
Virginhoney (link
Look at these photos and it instantly makes me smile. See? It doesn’t take much to make me happy! Hope these photos can also bring the same joy to you. And I just really really wonder, if I never listen to my mom’s “Don’t play with food”, should I get those cutest thing done? ^o^

Woot! Cool Lamp Design

This blog will present you with some creative and unusual lamp designs from around the world. Hope you enjoy!

Paperclip Lamp
When is a paperclip not a paperclip? When it’s a LED lamp by Teague, of course. As the ubiquitous paperclip lends itself to being picked up and bent, the designers of this lamp, Ben Collette and David Wykes, applied the same tactile approach to the structure of the lamp. See the lamp flat on a table, why not bend it into shape? Transformation after the jump.

Martyr Lamp
Designed by UK design studio The Play Coalition, made from stainless steel, the playful lamp hangs from a plug point.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Woot! Shadow Art

Now, I will present you the incredible shadow sculptures created by Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens.
Those pictures remind me to do not playing with my own shadow...hehehe

Woot! Cool Bean Bag

When I heard it, I thought a sack full of beans but owww silly me ... in fact it is something interesting for us to lay down and have fun while watching tv or something...erm you will understand me after seeing those pictures....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Woot! Cool Bulb Inspired

I suddenly thinking of my childhood moment while making this entry ... when its time to sleep, 
my mother would turn on the lights to sleep (we called it as 'lampu kuning'...hehe) and it was a bulb that attached to the nail at the wall of our house...owh...miss that moment, but everything has changed now..ops! Im not going to talk about my childhood story but its about BULB...
Yes, im going to show you a various design of bulb inspired..creative!

A wax candle shaped like a bulb

 Flat bulbs by Joonhuyn Kim have slim shape that allows for easy storage.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Woot! Alphabet Furniture

Do you still remember the previous entry titled "Woot! Recreation of alphabet by human body"? if it is the human body, here I want to show you something interesting from Set26 -  the alphabet of the furniture!

Swiss company Set26 is the maker of these cool oversized letters of the 
alphabet storage furniture collection. These collection features 26 letters of the alphabet, along with 
the plus sign and the dot; each of these are equipped with trays and drawers that become storage objects; these cool letters that double as potential furniture keep things tidy and look great in the room. 
Great for both residential and commercial uses.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Woot! Cool Chess Set

The game of chess takes cunning and intelligence and can sometimes be incredibly intense. But your standard Chess Set just doesn’t reflect the same intensity. If you prefer to play on a board that’s as mighty as your chess maneuvers then check out these Cool Chess Sets.

Get a new perspective on the game of chess with the 3D chessboard. It features your standard pieces, but throws in a twist via a unique checkerboard with raised terrain that really makes you appreciate the perilous climb to victory.

There’s something almost eerie about the Glowing Onyx Chess Table. The table is backlit with a soft glow through translucent onyx creating a hazy checkerboard pattern on the table. To really add to the effect the pieces are glass allowing the light to pass through them as well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Woot! Funny Toilet Paper Holders

Claim the throne as your own! This Toscano-exclusive, wall-mounted toilet tissue knight is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted to capture every amazing detail of his Medieval mannerisms.

 The iPod has taken over our lives and now the sanctuary of the

Woot! Craziness Skirt from Japan

Today I will present you with something crazy…(at least for me, it is crazy). The things we are talking might looks fun/cool/stupid on someone else, but I will definitely not try that.

It’s not see-through skirts. These latest women fashion skirts from Japan are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible and these are the current rage in Japan .. They’ll soon hit the USA market. They are already available by mail order from several Japanese mail order houses.

more crazy..?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Woot! Beautiful Miniature World

I have 10 beautiful and lovely Miniatures Photograph from Kristi McMurray, a student in Tennessee. She set up some cute and lovely scenes of tiny objects, then took photographs of them…Really like those colors and miniature scene…

Camp Cupcake

miniature deer

Woot! Painted Manhole Covers

A manhole is the top opening to an underground utility vault used to house an access point for making connections or performing maintenance on underground and buried public utility. It is protected by a manhole cover, a (usually metal) plug designed to prevent accidental or unauthorized access to the manhole.
Today I am going to present you some photos about how the manhole cover look like in Japan. For Japan, I always have a special feeling. They are going really crazy in some case, em maybe crazily creative. So let’s check how much detail they put on manhole cover to make it so special that I have to make a poster for it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Woot! Art on Satellite Dish

Get sick of those grey ASTRO dish?  Check out this blog, another time to prove “imagination is no limits”. Let’s enjoy the “Woot! Art on Satellite Dish“, witnessing the funny and artistic treatments it gets from creative individuals around the world. Some of them look really cool, but I am seriously doubt their functionality as a satellite dish.

Woot! Finger Art

When I was a child, I like to play with my finger… drew a happy @ sad @ mad face on the fingers and make them talk to each other.
That was one of my favorite things. And now… some “finger master”, they go further and make up a story around their finger… “Dress up” their fingers and put them in different scenario, create a series of funny photos… I put some of them here:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Woot! Wear your hair

The Shampoo or hair related Ads design I usually saw has end up with some celebrities 
show off their smoothy hair. 
I never thought that they dress or wear their hair. You will find out what I mean by reading the post. 
And one more ads to promote hair gel..Pretty smart design, em? At least, it is quite impressed me. Hope you can enjoy too.

Woot! Simple but amazed - rotating paper art

I came across to those photos when I search paper craft on Internet, and totally amazed by those simple, colorful paper art. It seems really simple, only using some colorful paper, adding together. I don’t know how to do this… But I believe the author must be a really patient and creative person…

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Woot! Hot Chick by Cabbage Painting

It is an artwork by Ju Duoqi. Today, I will present you a set of fascinating and slightly odd series of works from her, hot woman portrait painting via Chinese Cabbage.

Woot! Beautiful Scenery by The Deadly Road

This is not common road, but the deadly road. I hope you can imagine how these roads looks so scary for us. I thought not only for the driver, but the passenger also. Maybe I saw kind of these roads only in the movie. But this time we can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the deadly road through this entry. 

 You can see several deadly roads in the world have beautiful scenery. Personally, just see the pictures make me sweating.  But I have to admit that the scenery is totally beautiful. Some of these roads passed the mountains, hills and even on the edge of ravine.

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