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Monday, October 25, 2010

Woot! Modern Plate Design

I know, eating is fun! And I like to eat very much even im not hungry..(yay!) But here I will show you some creative ideas that will make you always feel hungry,...this is not as usual as you have seen,but new idea and modern plate design from all over the world...(cewah!)

Modern Plate Design ~ Lily Plate
These handcrafted ceramic Lily plates will make a great addition to your wall or tabletop.

 Modern Plate Design ~ Handful of Plate
Creative ceramic plates that are folded like a taco shell. The way they are curved allows you to keep the plate in one hand while eating the food with the other one

Modern Plate Design ~ Grooveware
Creative series of three porcelain dishes and an ashtray. The basic forms are generic, except for the fact that each is paired with, and indented by an appropriate utensil.

Modern Plate Design ~  Chrome Ring Platter
Jewelry for your table. Thick glass supported by solid chrome rings.

Modern Plate Design ~ Zipper Plate
Creative silky white food plate design made from porcelain.

Modern Plate Design ~ Floorplan Plate
Whether it’s a penthouse, a three bedroom, or a studio…why rent when you can own? Best thing about this pattern; no board approval needed!

 Modern Plate Design ~ Akitoka Cake Plate
Portuguese designer Rosa Lemos has produced a range of cake dishes for Italian ceramics manufacturer Bosa Ceramiche.

Modern Plate Design ~ Wasara Paper Plate
Beautiful disposable paper dishes have curved corners that naturally follow the shape of fingers or thumbs for easy gripping, deliberately designed so that people can hold their plates while they mingle.

Modern Plate Design ~ All in One Plate
Portable lunch setting by talented product designer Demelza Hill

Love to play with ur fork..? Try this!


sahromnasrudin said...

salam ziarah..kenal blog ini dr blog sha...semoga tuan blog sihat walafiat dan dikurniakan rahmat dari Allah SWT

MAI said...

salam kmbali...thanks sbb singgah kt cni..rjn2 la mlawat ye..smogA sume kwn2 blogger jga dirahmati Allah...amin~

OraNgpEar said...

like this!! wat koleksi raya taon ni lah..XD

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