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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Woot! Cool watches design

Watches is not just for showing time but also as a symbol of stylist and personality. We got here a collection of cool watches design from around the world with different concept.

1) TIWE OLED Concept Watch ~  White dots run randomly. When you want to know the time, just shake it or hit the glass surface slightly.

2) Real Crystal LED Watch ~ Inspired by Swarovsky Signity watches, this timepiece by designer Ilya Yakovlev features a surface made from real crystals backlit by LEDs

3)  Handcuffs Watch ~ Although handcuffs aren’t a good thing for most people, you might like this handcuff-shaped watch.

4) ORB Bracelet Watch ~ The idea for this watch is classic plastic bracelet, with incorporated lines inside the watch that show the current time

5) Vain Transparent Watch ~ Display time on your skin with Vain watch design by Tao Ma

6) Luna Crystal Watch ~ Fashioned with Swarovski crystals steel, the Luna Crystal Watch is futuristic and eye-catching. Touching two contact points makes the time display magically appear as though it is floating inside the crystal.

7) Gucci LED Watch ~ Gucci’s watches always give you elegant experience. This concept design comes with a sliding cover revealing a glass LED display.

8) Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical Watch ~ Engineering masterpiece: 1,352 components working together in masterful horological precision, driven by a 450 link chain and nickel drums.


The universe watch

IQ watch

Circuit LED watch

What time now..?

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