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Monday, November 8, 2010

Woot! Creative Fishbowl Design

Today I'll show you a beautiful and creative fishbowl designs  for table decorations at your home.

Creative Fishbowl Design ~ Portable Fishbowl:
Its the creation of design student Michal Shabtiali; it's a fishbowl with a handle.

Creatice Fishbowl Design ~ 19th Century Fishbowl:

An interesting pairing of birdcage with fishbowl. The bird can rise up in the bubble inside the fishbowl creating an illusion that the bird is in the bowl with the fish.

Creative Fishbowl Design ~ Fish Shaped Fishbowl:

A creative way to display your fish.

Creative Fishbowl Design ~ Speedfish Bowl:

Inspired by racing circuit, an interesting fishbowl design from R'Pure.
Creative Fishbowl Design ~ Puzzle Fishbowl:
Just put these acrylic fishbowls on your wall for decoration and to save space.

Creative Fishbowl Design ~ Earth Globe:

It's a combination of fishbowl and decorative light; when it's dark, the fishbowl turns into a cool electric blue map of the earth.

Creative Fishbowl Design ~ Cat Fishbowl:

This one got an adorable design.

Creative Fishbowl Design ~ Teacup Fishbowl:
Dont you drink it!

Creative Fishbowl Design ~ Doucet Fishbowl:

It's a combination of fish bowl and plant holder. The two are joined together as one but separated at the same time and the surrounding bowl can hold a goldfish while the inner holder can be used for placement of any type of plant or flower of your choice.

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