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Friday, November 5, 2010

Woot! Art Made by Shoelaces

For me, shoelaces is just to tight my shoe. No more! 
At first glance these colorful pictures might look just like regular paintings – but closer inspection reveals the incredibly detailed artwork is in fact made from shoelaces. These incredible pictures are made by Federico Uribe via thousands of colored thousands shoelaces.

I am not see these are the best images I even saw, but I do appropriated the time, effort and talent Federico Uribe has to make those painstakingly arranges and pins. As he said, it usually took him 10 hours a day for up to 30 days to finish a piece. The work is very intricate, that’s why it takes so long to complete each piece, and the most difficult part is the weaving.
From closer:
If you are interested in Federico’s work, you can check Shoes Art featured on our website one year ago or other works on his site. All of his work is about the possibilities of materials, and seeing daily objects in a different way. To him all materials are the same – they are something to create art from. The challenge is making them appear in a different light.


Psssttt...you must LOVE this:

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