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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cute & Creative Gloves

Apple Featured Mittens: These mittens are made by Etsy seller ChickenBetty; 'when held together, they look like the hands and apple featured on the cover of the first novel.'

Light Gloves: These pair of light gloves have a set of bright lights built into the fingertips that comes in with different light option modes.

Rabbit USB Gloves: With these warmers you can coolly type on your laptop without getting your hands chilled; just connect it into the USB port to heat up.

Ping Pong Paddle Gloves: With these cool gloves, you can take your table tennis game to a whole new level. These innovative double-sided paddles slip over your hands like gloves and thus makes your hands the paddle, and gives you greater ball control, better hand-eye coordination, faster volleys, an improved backhand, and more spin.

Piano Gloves: Just put on the piano gloves and the fingertips activate the piano notes that can be heard right into its built-in speaker.

Nanoo Nanoo: These cool gloves are inspired by Mork and Mindy.
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