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Monday, April 11, 2011

Unusual Celebrities Portraits

Marilyn Monroe Portrait Made from Jelly Beans: This come from Jellybelly art gallery and is the creation of artists P Rocha, R Rocha and Malcom West. (Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Cheetos Portrait of Conan O'Brien: Colorado Springs-based artist Jaon Baalman used over 50 bags of Cheetos (over 2000 individual Cheetos) to create edible portrait of the popular Conan O'Brien. (Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Mariah Carey Portrait Made of Make-up: This portrait is the creation of San Francisco-based artist Jason Mecier using make-up and beauty products. (Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Ray's Portrait Made out of Pasta: A portrait of Ray made out of pasta created by artist Jason Mecier. (Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Lady Gaga Portrait Made of BBs: The portrait is made of 61,509 airsoft BBs; using just 5 colors artist O'Hearn took about a month to create it. (Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Portrait of Obama Made Out of Cereal: Hank Willis and R Alexiev created this sugar-cereal portrait of Barack Obama. (Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Bill Cosby Portrait Made of Jello: This portrait is entirely made from Jello. (Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Jay-Z Mosaic Portrait made of Swarovski Crystals: Artist Adrian Firth created this portrait of Jay-Z using 22,500 Swarovski crystals.. (Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Tom Waits Portrait Made of Coffee Beans: Creation of artist Mike Oncley.(Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

S Colbert Portrait Made of Rubik's Cubes: This portrait is made up of 768 Rubik's cubes, took around two weeks for California-based artist Dave Litwin to create it.  (Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Bruce Springsteen Portrait Made From Broken Vinyls and CDs: Artist Thierry Guetta uses broken CDs and vinyls to create this portrait. (Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Jimi Hendrix Portrait Made from a Cassette Tapes: Artist Erika Iris Simmons creates portraits of rock stars using old cassette tapes.(Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Cheetos Portrait of Ray: Another creation of Jason Baalman; he used about 50 bags of four different flavors of Cheetos to create this portrait of Ray.(Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Queen's Face Made From Basils and Onions on a Pizza: Edible faces of British celebrities were created from fries and pizza ingredients to celebrate British National Chip Week. (Unusual Celebrities Portraits)

Must see!!!!

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