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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Inspired Products

Live Book: It's a small planter with a removable vase that has a simple drainage system and actually opens up into a real book. (book inspired products)

Book-Themed Furniture: These are the creation of Erik Olofson. He is a craftsman by trade and owner of Big Cozy Books; a company that creates book-themed furniture. (book inspired products)

Workaholic Pillow: It's a pillow hidden in a book cover. (book inspired products)

Take a seat: Open this book and the pages unfold to create an extra seat to share with your guests. And when not in use it can be put in as a regular book on a shelf. (book inspired products)

Book Lamp: The book lamp designed by Kang are inspired by traditional bookbinding. The amount of light can be adjusted by the way you open the book. (book inspired products)

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