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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cooking Tools

Cooking Tools - Burger Grilling Basket
Perfect for family barbecues, this grilling basket can hold 12 burgers

Cooking Tools - Herb Scissors
The unusual blade design features a set of five sharp blades that allow you to cut, chop, or mince your favorite herbs. [link]

Cooking Tools - Hedgehog Grater
Hedgehog inspired cheese grater will look great in your kitchen. [link]

Cooking Tools - Bottle Cap Punch
Use the BottleBob device to pierce a perfectly-sized round hole in any soda or beer bottle cap, and enjoy your drink through a straw. [link]

Cooking Tools - Egg Toaster
Bang Bang egg steamer works just like a regular pop-up toaster. [link]

Cooking Tools - Jar Opener
Magic Twist jar opener simply mounts under any kitchen cabinet. [link]

Cooking Tools - Cooking Apron
Apron full of useful guides such as numeric conversions, cooking times, freezing instructions, defrosting times, and a cooking glossary. [link]

Cooking Tools - Brain Cupcake Mold
Nomskulls molds allow you to bake perfectly shaped brain cupcakes. [link]

Cooking Tools - Equal Measure
With this unique cup you will see measurements in a whole new light. [link]

Cooking Tools - Guitar Flipper
Now you can flip pancakes with an electric guitar shaped spatula. [link]


Robert said...

Nice blog. I really like the cooking apron. That would make for a great gift for the average bbq'er and could come in handy. Heck I could use that thing as well!

Anonymous said...

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Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life
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