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Friday, March 25, 2011

Cool Birthday Candles

(Birthday Candles)  Lighter Candles:

These candles come complete with anchoring toothpicks and are cleverly disguised as a lighter.

(Birthday Candles) Matchstick Candles:

These are made to look like matchsticks; the set contains 12 candles and comes in a unique slider box designed to replicate a matchbox.

(Birthday Candles) Animal Print Candles:

The set contains 24 candles in 4 different animal prints: 6 each of zebra, tiger, leopard and giraffe prints.

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(Birthday Candles) Sparkling Candles:

Each of these measures 3 inches tall x .25 inches in diameter; this replica candle set contains 10 sparkling sticks that will sparkle intermittently until done.

(Birthday Candles) Kabom Candles:

These candles stand approximately 1 inch high and 1" wide

(Birthday Candles) Ice Cream Cone Candles:

The set contains of five, yummy ice cream cone candles, each in a different, bright color!

(Birthday Candles) Lollipop Candles:

These candles look like the real lollipops.

(Birthday Candles) Light Bites Fork Candles:

The set contains 12 candles and 12 cake forks (each measures 6 inches tall). The reusable plastic forks holds the candles.

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