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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Twitter Inspired Products

(Twitter Inspired Products) Tweet Towel:
Its a tea towel with a personal miniature message embroidered onto it.

(Twitter Inspired Products) Tweet Ring:
With this ring you can have your favorite tweet wrapped around your finger.

(Twitter Inspired Products) Follow Me Twitter Stockings:
These tattoo thigh-high stockings are available at Etsy shop post.

(Twitter Inspired Products) Twitter Mousepad:
This mousepad is for those who cant be away from twitter.

(Twitter Inspired Products) Failwhale Hat:
These hats are handmade by Japanese illustrator Hine Mizushima.

(Twitter Inspired Products) Anony Tweet Pillow:
This 100% handcrafted, 12"x12" square pillow is perfect for those days when you just want to tweet whether you are on bed or near your computer.
(Twitter Inspired Products) Failwhale Wall Decal:
These wall decals are easy to install, and can be removed and re-attached 100 times without loosing adhesive, or leaving a mark on your surfaces.

(Twitter Inspired Products) Twitter Necklace:
Get your choice of @ sign or birdie necklace with your twitter handle on it.

(Twitter Inspired Products) Twettle Teakettle:
 Developed by designer Ben Perman in collaboration with Murat Multu; it can connect to the Internet allowing one to access their tweets with a cup of morning tea.

(Twitter Inspired Products) Failwhale Cake:
Mariana Pugliese, a cake designer from Buenos Aires, created this cake.

(Twitter Inspired Products) Twitter Sneaker:
These come from the customized sneaker creation of D Reese.

(Twitter Inspired Products) Twitter Pendant:
These handmade pendant measures approx 18mm x 18mm.

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