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Friday, November 5, 2010

Woot! Creative Chicken Coop Design

Remembered when I was a child, my father defended many chickens in backyard.  He built a small chicken coop and it is my job to feed them everyday! 
Chickens aren’t cuddly. They won’t sit in your lap (or at least I wouldn’t try). But, they’re reliable, produce eggs for food and are actually sometimes quite good pets. And with all the talk of chickens being kept as pets in urban areas, I decided to write a post about some creative chicken coop designs. Maybe you can try this too.

Creative Chicken Coop Design ~ Omlet Eglu Classic [link]

Eglu Classic is designed the town garden, the first time chicken owner, the family and the eco-savvy individual. The eglu has wooden perching bars and a generous nesting box for egg laying – all the practical features that your chickens need. As well as this come thoughtful extras such as the modern twin walled insulation and draught free ventilation that keeps your chickens warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Creative Chicken Coop Design ~ The Nogg [link]
 Nogg is engineered and handcrafted in the UK from strong cedar wood, which is naturally antibacterial and odor curbing. Aside from being eggceptionally good-looking, the prefab hen house has stainless steel trimming and the elevated glass dome, giving it a modern aesthetic. The glass top also twists and lifts for ample ventilation to make sure that your feathered friend stays nice and cool.

Creative Chicken Coop Design ~Drew Waters [amazon]
 Drew Waters designed these portable modern chicken coops specifically for the backyard and urban farmer. They are safe, space-efficient homes built out of Douglas Fir timber, which has the added benefit of repelling insects. It’s quite the protective dream home for backyard chickens all around.

Creative Chicken Coop Design ~  Frederik Roije [link]

The Breed Retreat designed by Frederik Roije is an architectural hen house for those of you who are obsessing over chickens lately. I know I’ve seen quite a few cool chicken coops around the inter webs.

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