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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reuse Can in Creative Way

Can Wall Storage Unit: This wall organizer is made from used cans that have been cleaned and sprayed with truck-bed liner.

Cans Car: Mustang made from 5,000 cans.

Red Bull Can Art:

Can Lights: These are designed by Willem Heeffer and are made from used Heinz Beanz cans.

Can Lids: Using the can lids designed by Bresnahan you can turn used cans into household containers. There are 9 plastic lids in the set, that turns the cans a vase, soap dispenser, sugar caster, tea and coffee cans, toothbrush holder, money box and desk tidy.

Can Necklace: These necklaces are made to order in any size up to 32 inches by using pull tabs from used cans.

Can Pincushion: How about making a 'Can Pincushion'?

Can Artwork: Wasserman creates these detailed large-scale pictures by nailing small pieces of cans and other metals to sheets of plywood.

Can Art Nursery Model: These can art doll furniture set is a beautiful example using these cans creatively.

Can Planters: All you need to do is to paint these cans with some bright color to get started.

Can Tuxedo:

Soda Can Solar Panel: Paint some aluminum cans black, drill some holes in the cans, & then put them in a box and, voila, you got for yourself a solar panel. Here is the guide to build a solar panel using soda cans.




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