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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creative Reuse of CD's

CDs Chair: Creation of designer Belen Hermosa, this chair must have used a few thousand spare compact discs lying around.

USB CDs Lamp: This cool USB powered lamp saves energy by using 50+ times less power than your regular old CFL lights.

CDs Dumbbell: Turn your old CDs into dumbbells; all you require is 150 CDs, about 75 on each side on a threaded rod and bolts to make a 10 lbs weight.

CD Jewelry: Artist at Neko Design creates beautiful jewelry using CDs with handmade sterling silver.

CDs Dress: A cool looking dress made of CDs.

Pavilion Made of Used CDs: Architects Arielle Blonder, Guy Austern and Mushit Fidelman designed this pavilion made of CDs.

CD Sculptures: Designed by G Radebaugh, these sculptures are made using several hundred CDs.

CDs Wallpaper: Compact discs can make a cool wallpaper, though its going to be a bit too shiny


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